I applied for an unknown job.

Email: you'll be taking Junior Developer

Interviewer: We need fullstack developer with a salary of $100 for two months of training and $450 if you have great accomplishments

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    And I'll be looking for another job. What a great transition
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    They don’t deserve a response of any kind, save for a quick flip of the finger
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    What country is that, with such low salaries? (I'm tempted to say 'cuntry' but that would probably be unjust towards most of its inhabitants.)
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    Seesh, that salary is wild. Much for defeating slavery.
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    Can you live well on $450 every two months, in the Philippines?
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    Its all comes with modern age. Increasing competitors and demand decreases.
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    @bahua - $450 is pretty good for starting out. You can live off it but really that's just about it.
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    @Angry but it's a waste of time for me.
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