New 16” MacBook Pro ordered the day it was announced and still not shipped yet >_<

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    There was an option for that costing only 499.
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    @Jilano $498.99*

    Had a coupon
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    Still not shipped...
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    Btw, I'm down with the Apple pricing jokes, but to be fair, similar hardware specs for other major brands cost about the same and don't have OS X, which is the reason 90% of people buy Apple.

    The real joke is the upgrade pricing. $400 for 16 additional GB of RAM? Come on....Their cost is probably $20...

    I did pay for the 8GB VRAM upgrade. $100 seemed worth it (albeit...still expensive...for 4GB....)
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    I want to believe you on the fact that people by Apple hardware for the OS, but I'm fairly certain that's not the case. For most it's the "fake luxury". They just want to show other easily impressed people that they have an iPhone/MacBook, etc.

    PS: The reviews of the new MacBook Pro still seem good! Too bad it's at least €1,000 overpriced on the low end version.
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