I wrote a random string/int/other stuff API somewhere this year which I still regularly use because I'm a lazy fuck.

Never posted anything about it on here and the documentation isn't entirely complete (and not all the endpoints are extensively bug-tested yet) but if someone is interested I'll see if I can patch some stuff and put it on here as I find it useful!

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    Open source all the things!:D
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    I'd like to see and maybe do things with it, but I'm not sure Algo shares the interest and sentiment :/

    (I know it's probably just the group rant tag, but still)
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    I write an “APIKEY generation” API for our project but put it as “public”. All my projects reuse it lol.
    It’s like 3 code lines : Generate 2 GUIDs (let’s be paranoid), concatenate them and remove “-“.
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