Did you ever use ZFS?
I want to build a linux-setup with some cool new stuff I didn't use so far and ZFS is among them.

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    On FreeBSD ZFS was quite acceptable.
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    Currently working on setting up Void Linux on ZFS on LVM on LUKS. Work in progress due to RL interference…
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    I'm sure it works great. I'm using nilfs and I'm really happy with it.
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    Works pretty great. I've also had to change OS a few times, and exporting/importing a zfs pool is incredibly easy
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    FreeNAS can help make the setup and management of a storage server a bit easier

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    My FreeBSD home server uses ZFS. I did have to read the docs a lot because both FreeBSD and ZFS were new to be. And now it just works.
    My data is mirrored on two HDDs. I haven't used the other advanced features (snapshots, cloning, ...) so far.
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    @Condor didn't you know some about this?
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    @linuxxx ZFS on the servers, btrfs on the workstations.. works great! 😁
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