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    JS developer detected :-)
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    It's quoted, so string.
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    As far as Im concerned its a char[6], but the option is missing :(
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    @Hazarth there is array.
    But are you sure it's a char[6] and not a const char* ? (char[6] being on the stack/heap and const char* being in the data segment of your executable).

    Also, in C it would be a char[7] 😉
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    _false: [string, string, string, string, string] = [„F“, „a“, „l“, „s“, „e“]

    „False“ === _false.join(„“)

    now its true
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    Well, it is technically a "string" since it is in quotes
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    @MagicSowap const char* would be more likely, also shit, you're right, it would be char[7]! I thought I included the terminator xD but I was thinking in terms of the index and not length.... Silly me
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    It's obviously a trick question… having quotes makes it a string.

    Of course that doesn't mean that JavaScript would not try to coerce it to any other type if the situation asked for it.
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    @SomeNone It starts with a capitalized F.
    So no, it will always be a string in js We dont have False and True, just false and true
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