So features and work are slowing down in the pipeline at a new job I took. Is it okay to just spend the time in between "work" to do tutorials on other technologies?

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    Depends on your job. Sometimes it's OK, sometime they prefer you doing another thing instead.

    So I'd ask before doing anything.
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    And welcome to devRant! :)
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    @brunofontes oh thank you
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    You really have to ask?
    Don't be one of those.

    You're doing work for them. During lulls while you're waiting on said work to complete, do whatever you want.
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    @Root it is valid too. I work on the same place for a really long time, so that is the kind if thing we just know.
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    @Root Might be dangerous, many companies only allow work stuff on working hours.
    Usually this isn't an issue anyway, but if someone wants to get rid of you...
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