Yes I totally care about what some dipshit at [insert conference] has to say, now let me in on my desktop that doesn't run anything that has anything to do with k8s pls

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    chmod -x /etc/update-motd.d/* as a remedy btw
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    I always wondered where those stupid messages came from, but was only mildly annoyed and immediately forgot about it.
    Thanks, finally that trash is gone too. Why is it even there?
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    But the load message and disk status helps tho
    (I mean /etc/update.motd/50-landscape-sysinfo one)
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    >ssh'ing as root

    Jesus christ are you mad? Get your shit together and add a normal user to your sudoers file like the rest of the world. I swear for every person that SSH's in as root there's a dev who's too lazy to remember a complex root password.
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    Set ENABLED=0 in /etc/default/motd-news. Boom!
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    @Condor that is excessive.
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    @datablitz7 it's devRANT, isn't it? But Ubuntu best distro in the world sar _/\_
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