Does this need to be explained as to why it is in the Joke/Meme category?

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    Won't work because they'll tell you, just like Arch users.
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    Followed the path of TAILS I see. Still wonder what the applications are of this outside of maliciousness.
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    Lol! A wannabe distro XD
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    This should not be in joke/meme category. This should be in Wow category
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    And university lets idiots pretend that they are engineers.
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    You guys don't understand this wonderful feature. Kali is a security distro. If you go with kali and black hoodie you will get kicked out. This is just a spoof
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    Because everything arch and kali are memes by default otherwise defined
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    Foiling user-agent profiling
    NAC (network access controller) spoofing
    Possibly kerberoasting? Not sure...

    There's a lot of environments where if you see a linux desktop on a corporate network, you've probably got some red flags going off. Especially if it's assigned a DHCP address. But if you're a windows machine, no one is the wiser (and vice versa except with an IoT or file share or Admin etc... network, where if you're a windows box in an environment full of linux boxes you're gonna be toast).
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