"Coding a first person openworld mmorpg in 24 hrs"

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    Reminds me of that funny icon thingy you have on websites, what's its technical name ?

    Oh wait, found it:


    I have to design ones for mine soon, been putting it off for like 15 years..
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    For those too lazy to mouse over the URL link to see the full name..

    Why does it hide it like that !

    It only creates issues later on when folk don't copy and paste them correctly and all you get are the beginning of URL's ending in .....
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    In our defense, in a hackathon, no unit test, no documentation, no QA, no deployment on a different machine, no code quality, no nothing.

    I've worked on projects where replacing an icon requires tech specs documents to be updated to reflect the new icon + The need to go to QA for checking if works + updating app store screenshots.... So ya 3 weeks if you're lucky
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    I'm reminded of a place that wanted a new icon, so they hired a consultant, who charged $100,000 USD for 3 days work !

    All that and they came up with a single letter from the alphabet..

    I told them, make it a staff competition and save $100k !
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    @Nanos wtf 100k :S
    Indeed if they made it a staff competition and rewarded participants would have been better
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    I'm reminded of someone I know who used to do well paid work like that, but the bottom has fallen out of the market as of late, so they hadn't had any work for months..

    My heart bleeds for them. :-)
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    Yea if you build the app in 3 days, strapping a new icon to that mess will take another 3. That's why you don't build apps in 3 days outside hackathons.
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    Suddenly I'm reminded of Facebook's F..

    I wonder if anyone else uses an F for their icon thingy ?
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    Hm. I should add "consultant" to my LinkedIn.
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    Technical debt to the moon!!!
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