depression is caused when you focus on the wrong things

focos on the right thing. The thing that makes your spirit fly instead of drown.

remember this.

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    That is just a sad episode.
    Depression is when you cant stop thinking about bad things. You just cant stop thinking about it.
    Sorry but motivational quotes have never worked on me before. Dont get traped in that false hope that things will go 180 because you will start thinking differently or because you have found a inspirational quote.
    This is a steady process where you have to do everything to reverse the depression but that is slow.

    Depression is a bitch not because you feel bad, but because you have sudden rushes of hope that it will fix itself instantly, that is of course followed by huge fall where you lose your hope again and become miserable for the next period.
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    @Gregozor2121 paraphrased: Depression is a bitch because it makes you its bitch.
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    Get some Vitamin D.
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    Reminds me of:


    > The Meaning of Life... Al Murray

    > Live at the Palladium
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    Apparently I can be very annoyingly positive for this reason.

    Currently worked out I need to spend another 4 years improving my body before I became 'relationship' material.

    This will also involve having to get bigger shirts..

    Luckily I'm off to a good start, since I have one I got earlier about a decade+ ago for this very day !

    It's just taken me a while to get this far...

    About 50 years !
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