I want out!

I am an Indian student, graduating in 5 months with bad GPA from not so fancy university. I like to call myself highly motivated individual. I am looking for a job in Silicon Valley.
What skill sets should I prep myself for a job in the United States right after I graduate?

I have enough skills to get placed in Mid-Tier companies. I can spend my rest of the days learning and hyper-focusing to get an job in the Silicon Valley.

My priority is USA>Netherlands>Ireland>India.

I can provide more details as required. Help me out!

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    I want out
    To live my life alone
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    I want out
    To live my life and to be free

    Jokes aside, you'll probably need to apply to universities in those places, it's significantly easier to get a job if you've studied in the same area, or so I'm told.

    Or work your way there by joining a company in India that has an office in one of those countries, or is based there.
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    I am a fresh graduate too... Don't know how to start.
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    Why would the world's #1 country , having a relatively smaller population and strong support towards native employment would want a college certified "mediocre" and self proclaimed "mid tier company guy" ?

    Sorry my friend, not trying to destroy your dreams but you have to sell yourself better. In the current situation when even the international celebrities visas are getting rejected and world's biggest mobile manufacturer huawei bending down to us rules, do you think you stand a chance? The companies literally get tax reliefs for native employment there

    Just trying to post a rational image here . Look at this video for more details https://youtu.be/tXqnRMU1fTs

    So having an aim to settle abroad in the long run is okay, but in the short run its unhealthy. If you still want to achieve a US visa in next 6 months, go find some new extra stron security algorithm or some ultimate accomplishment in ai or something, so that google or Microsoft come running to embrace you as theirs
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    @TitanLannister oh wow!!!!....
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    @TitanLannister While I disagree with the first line of your comment, you are indeed right in the rest. The gap between what OP has to offer and what his target country is looking for, is wider than @C0D4 thigh's gap.
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    @RememberMe I am not looking to spend another buck on formal education and not looking into huge loans. I want to open my own thing one day and maybe I can spend some amount on getting MBA from US. But, that are talks not for today! Thanks though!
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    @TitanLannister I understand the rules and regulations and how difficult Legal Immigration is!
    Which profile should I go for as a fresher? I thought of working here for few years as a Python Developer with flair for Data Structures and Algorithms. I can spend more hours after work to learn ML. I heard we have good demand for the same.
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    Would practicing a lot on LeetCode help?
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    @digib0y as described in the john oliver's video, getting a visa through job is a relatively easier than other approaches.

    Try getting a job in a us based company
    Be loyal to them, spend 2-3 hardworking years there and get raises in the rank. Try working on international projects and company might shift you to a better office location.

    Spending time on leet code might help in step1 i.e, getting a job offer from an mnc like google or Microsoft. But even then you won't be getting anywhere for atleast 2-3 years
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    @TitanLannister Thanks so much. What are your opinions on Start-ups?
    I heard startups are good for learning and freshers.
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    @digib0y Startups are good if you have decent enough savings to work for half free or even free. You could get "paid" in shares that end up worthless or they could say that they can only pay 50% now and they will pay you back after new investor comes (new investor would never agree to that) . You also should have enough experience do properly estimate risk of working for company that could go bankrupt.

    So no, startups are not good for freshers. You could get fresher (naive) colleges that you will learn bad practices from or maybe someone good that will teach you interesting stuff, but I would guess that they won't have time because of tight budget. Go work for corpo.
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    @arraysstartat1 What about funded startups? At least Series-A?
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    @RememberMe Helloween!

    @digib0y If you replaced India in your list with Xanadu, then your list would read "UNIX", which would be pretty cool.
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    Unfortunately, you need to have at least 3-5 years of experience in Europe or US/Canada to be even considered for entry level position.

    Right now, looking for a front-end developer. We get at least 5 Indian guys a day sending us resumes. All of them are rejected within 15 seconds of opening PDF. (It’s usually a wall of text where they literally list every existing technologies).
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    CV part is really critical... If you want to work on anything front-end related, your CV should look good and be informative, not just plain text to stand out. Consider also other European countries, there you can get some experience that will be valuable when trying to go to US.
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    @RememberMe broo was that Helloween???
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    @AleCx04 yuss
    Couldn't resist xD
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