What would you expect the position of “programmer analyst” to entail?

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    oh I can answer that! before being promoted I had that as my working title. Basically, I had to generate reports for various departments providing analytical insight into what they wanted. I would sometimes be required to go balls out with charts and similar visual representation of data as well as making certain estimations from the reports that I had to generate. The job involved quite a bit of SQL as well as Python(whenever I had to design the charts) but it was fairly simple. Sometimes I would think that a report had to be reaaaly explicit in certain regards just to be asked or told at the end that a simple csv file would have been sufficient.

    That and literally adding programs as extensions for tools normally used in such environments, mostly in the form of Spring applications, depending on your organization is what you would use. But in my case it was Spring. There are also reporting template systems such as Argos. Not very exciting really, but simple and pays well.
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    Plus it apparently gives you a foot in the door for more data science related occupations, recruiters offer me said positions from time to time based solely on the title. Take that as you will.
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