Being a newbie is getting harder and harder. The later you start in a field, the more has already covered in that field, meaning you have to run as much more to catch up.

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    That's what make this field interesting
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    Not entirely true. I’d say don’t discourage yourself, you’ll never need to learn everything anyway.
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    Then again, not a lot has changed since computing was invented. Programming still works the same way as it did 50 years ago.
    Only downside is the 15 terabytes of libraries you need to import nowadays. But other than that, not a lot has changed honestly.
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    The first time i tried to learn programming there was no stack overflow, no github, no online tutorials, no youtube, nothing.
    The last few years there is a ton of resources and tools available online, so i believe its the other way around.
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    The amount of web framework libraries @_@
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    That is why i dedicate my life to simplify all braches of science so people like you can learn faster.
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    @superuser I read books (!!) I'm that old.
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