I found some billing information in a sharepoint folder for a contract I am on. I make 3.25% of the amount the customer pays and my boss makes 28%. No way does she work that much harder than we do on any of our contracts. There are several people that make way more than I do who send emails and manage jira. The core of the business is building software yet developers get paid less than email jockeys.

I can see that we only have 67 employees and 6 developers. The rest are contractors. I'm tempted to share this with the other 5 full time developers but I may bring the company down because contractually the company has to have a regular full-time developer assigned to each contract's SoW even if they aren't full time allocated. What should I do? I'm on at least five different SoWs.

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    "Boss" - C level or project manager "boss"? The first one probably has personal risks (money, legal) involved in a small company like your, and a good project manager has a good part of sales (maybe bot >20%...).

    Another reason: He has an old contract and the company does not want to / can change it, besides terminating the contract.

    What worries me a bit: Is there no "fixed" pay for a time span, besides percentages of customer's pay? An unsuccessful project can have many reasons, and developers may not be at fault - so they should be paid anyway, as they did their job.
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    @sbiewald Executive level boss. Project manager makes about triple a developer. BA makes double.

    Billing to the client is hourly. I get paid salary so I took my billable hours weekly and estimated billable hours per year. I matched that to the billable hours in the contract and extrapolated for my other contracts. Contract developers on the project make a bit more than double a regular full time employee.

    I don’t know how many other contracts she has exactly, but for the contracts that I’m listed on the SoW for, i know that the executive is making at least several million dollars a year.
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    @irene I have doubts about your calculations, but I'll look at it later.

    Anyway: Having an executive boss "only" getting paid ca. 10 times better is not unusual - and, this might surprise you, not a very high factor. Look at bigger companies, how much better the executives are paid in contrast to normal jobs there.
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    @irene I know, I don't like it either. But that's how it is.

    (Still didn't had time to look at your calculations).
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    Let the other devs know. And then collectively demand a raise. If they don't give you one Look for a new job.

    Hell in general talk about your salary with your coworkers. There are 3 opions:
    A) you all make about the same, the best case
    B) you make less than them, in this case you have a good stand in salary negotiations
    C) you make more than them, in this case they have a good stand in their Next salary negotiations.
    Either way the devs win!
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    @Wack yesss!
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