beginning to learn QBASIC as i'm looking to port my demoscene stuff from TI-BASIC (based on QB) to MS-DOS. Graphics are weird here and i can't just drop in Assembly snippets so scrollers are gonna be a bitch. However...

Screen mode 13's kinda nice, ngl.

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    1995 called, all I heard was modem noises on the other end.
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    @Demolishun and?

    demoscene doesn't care about dates, only your skill
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    @Parzi does the ti have hardware scrolling? I didn’t think it did. EGA and VGA have scrolling support, but basic as a language is not well set up for graphics support. If you’re interested in old DOS applications I recommend pre standard C. Power C is a pretty good early dos implementation that is actually still for sale. Watcom is good too. I have my own c compiler and library that I made and that’s what I use. There are probably open source ones but I haven’t checked in two decades.
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    @FrodoSwaggins actually it has window support, much in the same way as the GBx consoles did, but it's 8 pixels smaller in each direction than the actual VRAM space, so it's not really usable for much. However, I could drop an assembly snippet into the code in-line in TI-BASIC to not have to wait 3 or more minutes per pixel moved as TI-BASIC is slow as fuck, meaning I could call the same few snippets over and over to smoothly scroll quickly.
    ("BASICBOY" on Pouet, for an example.)
    I can't seem to do this in QBASIC.
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    I just read "my demoscene stuff", have some instant ++
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    Also qbasic was my very first programming language
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