This is my situation:

Data Scientist
No working experience
From Latam
From Venezuela
Only allowed to work remotely
No work visa for USA or EU

Weeks looking for job, no luck, obviously.

Everything seems to be against me for land a job, at least a decent one. The other option is try to work in Upwork for 100 bucks implementing full pipelines, that is a joke.

Just sad.

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    @SevenDeadlyBugs working jobs at 8-100 euros? Mate, you've got no right calling anyone a joke with that fucking history. 😂
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs Yeah, the guy's a junior data scientist, not a school student with spare time to kill.
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs Completely disagree with you there
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs Im not lazy man, i sit down almost 12 hours each day filling my github with projects to show. Im capable of get things done, i have confidence in my skills.

    I will not discuss here something all of us already know, Upwork and related platforms are poor experiences for developers. This scales to a nightmare if we talk about Data Scientists.

    I already look around on almost every freelance platform, specially on Upwork.

    The problem here is, its hard to get a job under my conditions, maybe this can be a bit better if i born on USA or EU, maybe. Few weeks ago i was rejected just because im not from USA.

    Almost every remote job opening for Data Scientists require Senior level. After weeks looking, i found a little org with three person looking for a Junior Data Scientist for a long term job in CV. i applied today, let hope i have an opportunity there.
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs and by the way, my main trouble is not the money, but i preffer go and support open source, work on personal projects, or an internship before going to Upwork. in fact i applied to internships and no luck
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    I dunno if this is a dumb uqestion, but can you move to Mexico? Developer jobs over there can be sucky, but not as bad as Venezuelan dev jobs. I have yet to meet a dev from Venezuela that likes his job as a dev there.
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    > (e.g. build portfolio)

    I hear good things about having one of those, as such, working making one myself.

    I wonder how big a portfolio you need to begin to make a difference in the job market ?
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    Aren't there any venezuelan companies that need data scientists where you can build some experience on site?

    I honestly don't know - neither do I REALLY know what a Data Scientist's job is in detail - we had one in my old company, and all he did (that I became aware of) was find creative ways to mine our different company databases for customer data. He built fancy SQL querys that broke our application in the process because they blocked tables and stuff. Fun times. 😜

    Anyway, I imagine having some amount of experience on the job might help tremendously.

    Allowing remote work is always a trust issue to a degree, and trusting someone with no production experience is even more difficult, I imagine...
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    I call shenanigans. We do not even have a computer science major in Venezuela. The closest is "systems engineering" and is mostly programming 101 and some random maths (most latin american pensums are somewhat the same). Not even close to computer's scientist.

    There's no such thing as junior CS. If you are talking about a licenciatura or ingeniería you are closer (on the bottom side) to a bachelor's degree. If you are talking about a TSU then it's more like an associate degree.

    If you wish to get a good CS job. You need to get higher with your education, gain experience (and the right kind of self-confidence, not that one that makes you think you deserve the world because you already did your job going to college).
    Take a good look in your present so you can improve your future. Yes, things are not easy for us in this country now but we must overcome the adversity.
    Solving programing problems requires to know how to solve your own problems before.
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    move to another country...
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    @willhertz the best way to overcome this is being self taught. And that is what most of us do, going or not to a college
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    @reij i have that in my plans, but it is not that easy for us
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs Ok, boomer.
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs It dosent change the fact that you act like one.
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