The old company I was working at, was absolutely treating their new employees as shit. Everything was handled by the old timers who "knew how the world worked" (to those, TDD was useless, because as proven by this company only, it was a waste of time).
Everything that the new employees or "young talent" came up with, had to be talked through in a senior group, without the young talent. Never got anywhere, their software was absolute garbage (yet worked by sheer magic!!!!)
Today I learned that a former coworked had hos LinkedIn account say "[company]: waste of time."
And before you say "No company you work for, is a waste of time, as a software dev." i say, working for this company made you a worse developer. By. The. Fucking. Day.

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    Pretty sure i said this on another post recently but
    Them's boomers for ya lol
    Ya hate to see it. Fluff your resume and move on I guess.
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