Why is it that when you try to run a project and have ample dev but none of them wants to raise a PR because they are too scared to get feedback.

Oh you have done that can I see it on our pipeline or Git.....

Blank Face No.


Because it won't run on pipeline.


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    A dev that is scared of feedback is, in my opinion, holding back them self (not to mention the team)

    PR and feedback is a very good knowledge sharing way as it focuses on what is usable in the current product.

    Its also good to share general application knowledge, which is very helpful when you need a second pair of eyes for bug hunting (bug you missed during the PR).

    So as long ad the feedback is constructive (as in suggests a better solution and why) and without casting any blame, is very very welcome.

    If its used to prove superiority and only tell whats wrong without any indication on how to improve, then its not a good feedback and will grow resentment.
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    @Voxera Agreed but if courage is shown to ask why then that is helpful too. But hey you do raise a good point on people being scared and hesitant
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    *imposter sindrome intensifies*
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