WTH?! I just installed Windows on a high end laptop and fiber connection in under 20 minutes.

Nobody told me this is how people in first-world countries lived!!

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    "20min? Was the connection lagging or something?" ;)
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    Could have been up and running in 10 min if you installed linux instead 😉😉😉
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    @Root 10? You got dial up speeds? 😂😂
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    Windows? Still in the third world I see.
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    @ScribeOfGoD Gotta download the dvd and then run through the installer, plus zero out and encrypt the disk. so. 10 is about right for a quick install. Longer if you don't have an m2.
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    Only some in 1st world countries live like that, the rich folk in the middle of cities..

    The poor folk will struggle to even get an internet connection, and if they do, it will be like 5.2k dial up speeds..
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    @Angry back in October I had to choose an ISP for my new apartament. I could only choose between 300, 600Mb/s and 1Gb/s. Got 300Mb/s, since it's still quite extreme for my laptop's network card and it costs circa 13€/month. And I don't think Poland is in the "rich guys club" in Europe like Germany, France or England are.
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    @Root - For sure. I recently purchased an OLED XPS 15 (stupidly) without reading up on caveats. Turns out a big one when using linux on it is that there is no working solution for the brightness adjustment issue (ie. I can't adjust the OLED's brightness).

    I used it for a week and could only get up to 5 hours of work time on the battery. Which is ridiculous, so I installed Windows on it again and run a headless Ubuntu on a virtual machine and I could code for 8+ hours again on battery.
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    They don't. People in the 1st world countries have people that install shit for them.
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    @dontPanic well, in germany you can pay 40 euros for a 100k connection or a 2k connection. I guess in most areas you can get 16k+ today...
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    20 mins ? I can do it in 10 !
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    I finished building my pc on monday and installed windows 10 twice in 10 minutes. Yes. Twice. I accidentally installed it on the wrong partition in the first run..
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    Interestingly the bottom has fallen out of that market in some 1st world countries since disposable income levels have fallen such that only the really rich can afford to hire folk to do stuff.

    Middle class and under are suffering.

    Though you can pay $1 an hour and get someone who can manage simple things.
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    I hope Windows never remembers it did that and tries to reinstall itself in the wrong place. :-)
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    @Nanos What are you talking about? I can Google "pc repair" and find over 10 places in a 2km radius that'll install and reinstall shit for me for less than €2. Actually, my IT guy will *come over* and do it on 3 machines at once for less than €4. We live in the golden age of door to door services.
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    I wish I lived in a place like that !

    Here, the nearest IT guy who might know something more than me lives like 1,000 miles away !

    I suspect the nearest person who knows how to fix cars lives further away..

    (My neighbour's carburettors not been working for 18 months now, the local garage doesn't know how to fix it..)
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    @Nanos Who said my IT guy knows more than I do...? 😂 He knows just enough to handle everyday maintenance of my PCs and his time is worth less than mine - it's only logical to delegate all the mundane IT tasks to him. He's happy, I'm happy, PCs are happy. 1st world in practice.
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    I wish I could find a PC that would work with every day maintenance .:-)

    Reminds me of cars..

    You need a trained expert on hand 24/7 just to keep the damn things running !

    I think I'm lucky if my PC goes a full 24 hours without some overly complicated really difficult to fix issue popping its head up.

    Mind you, houses are a bit like that too..

    Had to fix the hotwater system the other day and the toilet, but lacking YouTube videos on how to solve the problem, since both of mine are unusual pieces of equipment.

    The toilet having a design fault, only found with modern toilets..

    Perhaps that person went on to design PC's..
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    Still "windows sucks, linux ftw" 3rd world jokes on every single rant about windows
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    @NoToJavaScript @Emphiliis impossible guys, from the first comments you can clearly see that only linux can do it /s
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