Need help with selecting a proper backend and website frameworks. After trying out a couple identity verification service providers we were dissapointed with their lack of support (takes weeks to do minimal changes).

So now we are having discussions about building in-house id verification system. We already have libraries for ios/android apps (ZOOM lib for face recognition and another lib for data extraction via OCR from document picture). So what we need is a proper backend and then a decent web framework with proper ux/ui design for our web/ios/android apps.

Currently thinking what kind of backend framework should we choose? Backend's main responsibility is for each client registered from website to assign an api key and to create a database/storage where his users would authenticate via clients app and upload a picture and a video.

Also wondering what kind of framework for website apps (main web app, dashboard app where we display pending verifications, and of course verification app) to choose. Should be go for angular?

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