So, we just gonna keep the cookie banners till all the paranoid boomers die off, or...

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    Laws make people do stupid things sometimes.
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    @powerfulparadox You can drop that "sometimes" and that "laws make" while we're at it.
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    How about not setting fucking useless cookies on sites that technically don't even warrant them AND THEN EVEN ON STATIC RESOURCES? And how about not downloading 500k of useless JS? How about web dev shitheads fucking learn the BLOODY BASICS of their trade?
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    I am not sure the paranoia is unwarranted. Wearing a fitbit runs the risk of getting denied on insurance claims. That is just ONE thing where people are targeted and exploited by monitoring. I am sure there are and will be countless others.
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    @Jilano But then we'd be generalizing more than the context of this discussion warrants.
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    How about you just dont colect cookies?
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    It isn't paranoia if literally thousands of companies are doing their very best to actively track and monitor and personally identify you -- and sell/share that data with yet more companies, and with your government.
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    @Fast-Nop @Demolishun @Root Summed up perfectly!
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    I don't mind cookies at all, providing they don't try to track the life out of me and are a required (no, actually required) for the functioning of the website.

    Third party cookies and tracking ones can fucking die.
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    Luckily, there are laws which disallow the placing of third party/tracking cookies without explicit consent (for obvious privacy reasons), for which I don't know many better solutions than cookie banners...
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    @linuxxx If cookies are technically necessary for using the website, then no consent is required. Think of shopping trolleys or language settings on a website that are ONLY used by that website. This has just to be explained in the privacy section of the website.

    Basically, a big cookie banner either means the website operator hasn't understood what is being demanded from him.

    Or else that he admits to shady practice and tries to blame the EU for forcing him to stop sweeping his shenanigans under the rug.
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    @Fast-Nop Very fair point.
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    @Root And btw, your Tor browser signature is unique and linked to you :)

    Check that

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