There are alot of questions in the job industry I'm not aware of. job gaps, lying, job hopping, hr and little details I didn't even notice.

I have a job gap for 2 months.(Nov and December) and planning to land a job on January.

For 2 weeks, I got burned out and need to recover my motivation to move on because my employer told me the job industry of not being honest, but being a dick and slave is what it gets to keep the job.

This December, I'm just going to do my side projects and little coding challenge(not the fizzbuzz). I don't plan to create short term side projects. I have to keep on practicing.

I'll be a slave in January. But I don't want to work 48 hours a week.

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    I've never had any intention to, "job hop," but I have changed jobs many times in my career. Every single time that I've left one job for another, there's not only been the, "pull" that draws me to the new job, but also a, "push" from the old job, in the form of some aspect that was not in line with my desired career path. Usually it's the fact that the only way to get a reasonable pay increase is to change employers.
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