Today my manager hired a new dude doing front end, spend literally whole day to setup his VSCode and Angular thing.
And because I’m a good MIS dude, I do my job right via giving him a company laptop with VS, VSCode, Node and Angular preinstalled.

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    Today I started a new job working with VSCode and Angular. The MIS guy provided a laptop with everything preinstalled, but it was all fucked up. So I had to wipe it clean and redo the whole thing. Wasted a whole day on my first day... FML
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    Today we hired a new guy in my team and I'm not sure where to start - the MIS guy prepped the issued laptop with stuff preinstalled but didn't put in any of the configs we use. So the new guy spent a the day fiddling with setting up the environment and also had to reinstall/downgrade part of the stuff to match the library versions of the rest of the team. Walked over to him and discovered he was using Softpedia to download and install stuff so now he has 10 different browser toolbars and popups ocassionally show up on his desktop about driver updater software.
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    @Demolishun @theKarlisK That's the shit I signed up for
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    @asgs "Missing In Software"
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