I had a complaint about a product I bought from a store a while back. I was resistant to taking into the store because the people there make you feel like you are stealing when trying to return a defective DVD. So I contacted the store via their website. I put in my first and last name and my email in the message to them. This is an excerpt of what I got back:


Response By Email (Triston) (12/12/2019 03:56 AM)
Hi Phuckin,

Your satisfaction is our top priority and your comments have been forwarded to your local Store. The management team there will take appropriate action and you can expect a response from them within three business days.
<store specific info>

Customer By (Phuckin Chit) (12/11/2019 03:40 PM)
<details of my complaint, etc>


Apparently I had created an account with this store a while back when I was angry. Hence my name being reported as Phuckin Chit. Even though I entered my name in the form it used the stored name associated with my email. At this point I am not sure they are going to help me.

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    I shall contact Phuckin Chit immediately and let him know that his personal data base been breached and leaked on devrant.
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