This year has been rough. No programming. 3 great job applications snuffed. Currently unemployed, and all my recent job experience in a field I don't want to continue working in due to not making my 3 career options. (Military and policing sort of thing)

So since I'm off for the holidays, and looking to really get back into computer work, I've come back to devRant. Missed you guys. <3

Now I've got to actually get good at something, and preferably employed in doing it. Any advice or stories are appreciated :D (but my mom said not to listen to strangers on the internet, so...)

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    Yes, some of it at least. Work on whatever job you can't get. I don't give a shit if it is delphi, or VB or whatever the fuck, just get your foot on the door as quick as you can. Read a couple of manuals on vbscript and find yourself someone desperate to have people that would hire you for it(since it is a dead technology) and then get something that you can put on a resume, work on your portfolio website, don't present the technologies you used as much as you would present what you created while finishing with what it was built with, by that time you would have convinced someone that you were more than capable of programming something useful. Then focus on the tech stack that you actually want to employ. I see from your profile that you have Node in it, node is absolutely amazing and i love it, but if getting into the field in your area on node makes it hard then look for something else. PHP is fucking everywhere
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    @AleCx04 (continued) Javascript is fucking everywhere and html/css is a well. So make sure you get to build awesome shit using the basics and have something to show for it and start applying for things outside of your comfort zone, the thing is for you not to be happy, but to get your foot on the door. See if you can score a small job on angelist, even if you fail at it, fuck it we all do sometime or another. Don't give up on it man, build and learn as much as you can on your own to have something to show.

    On work on your people skills, if you can charm them it will be worth more than you fiddling around data structures and algorithms, but still get good on that shit so that you can showcase them skills for those little interview tests.
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    @AleCx04 Good advice. I head to Seattle come January for family reasons, will start seeing if there is anything there for foot in door. Thank you for taking the time, I appreciate it.

    Currently getting my linux back up to snuff doing some intro wargames. I've always felt better on the back end than the front end :P
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