Have u guys ever wonder, all those devs we rant about (mostly senior developer), how it feels like to be them? Today I realized, I am most probably becoming like one.
I joined devops 7 month back(around one and half year in industry). Right now, I am 2nd senior member in project. I have done deployment on multiple environments more than 100 times. But till today, I never knew how the deployment is being done. I knew to trigger job but I never knew how it worked. Today when a junior asked me, then I learn ansible, then I understand whole deployment process.(and remember I am 2nd senior most with 7 month in project)
Sometime I wonder, till now I always had good rating and most responsible title. But how much is that because of my technical knowledge? Sometime it feels like I have very good luck. But man, it's very depressing. Sometime it feels like my junior don't get enough limelight because I am in their way although they have good knowledge but they lack the though process for now. Most of the time my senior present me as role model to juniors, and it's very embarrassing for me(this will not continue on as I talked to my seniors) . I did work on good projects from time I joined company. And never had any issue and always deliver what needed. But I still can't write code in Java to take input or do for each on array in javascript without seeing stackoverflow once.
Now I fear that someday I will write piece shit of code and whole efficiency of project will go down cause of me. Atleast, the person who will get to fix it will get a chance to have good rant here. I tried open source projects to understand how to write good code but I always have hard time understanding new-projects which I never worked on.
Then there is reputation on Indian devs. This is my another Fear. That someday cause of me, my fellow devs will get bad reputation as well.
This coming year, my goal is to fill up all the holes but I don't know why my fingers are crossed.
Sorry, I had to bring this out somewhere. And please ignore my grammatical mistakes.

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    Even seniors can't know everything. There's always some new shit coming up.
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    I have ranted about some friends on here, a friend of them found out my old account. So basically all of them have seen all the old rants of them, they were pretty cool with it in my case.

    Tbh i really think it depends on how you "rant about anyone and how many details you give out". In most cases all the insults are just away to come out with all the frustrations and not with the intend of being evil to the person.

    Part reason to way i personally dont rant that much anyone, for me it become a way to justify being a jerk to anyone for writing bad code, not just on the internet but irl.
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    I always use stackoverflow or open anold project of mine to have the exact syntax. (Or any other code snippet feature in ur ide). The real skill is algorith and data structure all the reste is about grammar and wording.
    Seniors have awairness about memory consumption, abt cpu consumption, battery etc, they dont work "academically" they deliver.
    Who the fuck care it is a foreach(y in arr) or arr.forEach(i=>{}) or whatever hell of a syntax.
    Senior must keep the global view that juniors tend to lose while focusing on the ; and le lost }
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    > being afraid of writting shit code at some point in the future

    No, we all write shit code all the time. Don't delude yourself that somehow right now its good just because you're following a standard that your seniors like. 100 people will have 100 tastes and if you fuck up you just need to admit to it and learn from it. That's all there is to the job. Make a code that works, and if it doesn't, or if it complicates things find a solution... Out of 100s of solutions that exist you're gonna pick one and go with it until it breaks again and again.

    To put it bluntly, a senior doesn't need to be afraid of making mistakes, he just needs to have done a lot of them already and accept all the ones to come!
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