Had an interview which IMO went pretty well, was told I would hear within a week what decision they would take.

The tomorrow it will be a week since the interview, but I know already I won’t get it, I hate fooling myself to think that there’s still a chance 😞

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    Call them up or write a followup email and see what they think.

    Some people don't do that thinking that that might convey that they are in a desperate situation, which I think is bullshit
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    Sorry if you had an interview with me last week. We're bogged down with sickness. Worst it has been in years
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    Some places wont call back for MONTHS. It is frustrating, but their hiring processes get slower for the higher the wage it seems.
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    @Demolishun for real. I’m in the process of acquiring a job at a 40% increase of my current. I’ve had 4 interviews, 12 hours of code analysis, 2 hours of personal trait analysis and a background check over the past 3 weeks. When you start reaching the real money is when they get picky
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    Biggest mistake you can make from this is not learning from it and letting it tear you down. Gotta bounce back and improve your strategy
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    A week is not actually that long. They’re probably interviewing multiple candidates before making a decision and that takes time. Had you failed the interview they probably would have let you know soon after.
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    Recruiters are cancer
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