Look at how they write docs:


how can I fucking know what to pass instead of foo? I cannot make show fucking error message near the field.

Are they writing such doc so that we would spend more time searching how to make show fucking simple error message?

"The atPath() method defines the property which the validation error is associated to. Use any valid PropertyAccess syntax to define that property."

Property on my entity is collection of $values . Tried passing 'values' - no effect.

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    PropertyAccess syntax is linked where it’s explained very clearly how to use it. If it’s doesn’t work then you’re doing something wrong, is your constraint on property level, because class constraints can’t be linked to fields? Also, does your property matches getter value, do you have getter at all?
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    walking away slowly now.
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs only now checked the comment, cant remember now how it is.
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