Setting up a proper development environment with configs in JavaScript takes more time than to develop a small application you want to launch.

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    care to elaborate?
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    Welcome to the world of modern JS.
    Everything is ridiculously overcomplicated, full of vulnerabilities, and super resource heavy.

    There are also no language choices.
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    @JhonDoe very simply put. I created a nuxt client which I moved to a separate source directory "src". Other directory is named functions for firebase function storage. Now if you want intellisense in both of these, you have to create a workspace with different folders, however even with this, something's out of balance and requires some additional configuration to view internals like $store $nuxt and other variables available on nuxt implementation of Vue object. Also there's configuration required for typescript, eslint, prettier which of course isn't necessary, but convenient to have.
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    @zigmas configuration for nuxt-typescript sucks.

    Slow startup(if universal mode)
    Fixed convention, due to this, you are limited to have custom configuration.
    Typescript for vue and vuex sucks. I use nuxt-typed-vuex or typed-vuex.
    If you ever use vue-specific css framework. You'll have trouble configuring types (vuetify by default is written in typescript)
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    @Clueless I'm using custody which is nice and the types for it help a lot as well. The configuration indeed is a pain point when you want to have something working properly. I'm curious in adopting composition API and seeing how I can use typescript with vuex and other plugins to have more type completion etc.
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