Fuck XCode! -
Yesterday I had the stupid idea to rename an icon file. Checked that XCode was building the application still fine. Ran it over the build server: Failed, complaining about the old missing icon file! Checked again and again, but there was no friggin' reference to the old file in the whole repo.
Log in to the machine clear the build folder and try to build the component again. Bang still same error and the references to no longer existing files reappear.
Turns out XCode was caching those references somewhere in the home directory as "DerivedData" and after deleting those, I could build again... but why on earth are you building a cache if you cannot properly invalidate it? Just to waste our time?

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    Moral: Don't use apple
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    Moral: Use linux
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    Cache invalidation has been a problem that couldn't be solved without bugs. But the bug you mentioned should've been
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    @kiwibird22 Hard if your product is to be deployed on macOS. But yes on Linux I feel most home (glad my Windows machine is - mostly - only for testing.)
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    @asgs should've been too obvoius, yes. (generally yes I know that cache invalidation is supposed to be one of two hard problems)
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