I'm currently developing a Node.js tool. Now I want to write some unit tests, but I never wrote unit tests for a node app before and I don't know which framework I should use. Do any of you have any experience with the available unit testing frameworks? In the past I only used Karma and Jasmine for Angular unit testing.

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    Well you can still use your Jasmine and also you can try jest, jest is very similar to Jasmine but it gives alot for testing than Jasmine.

    Here is a work I did with node, tests with Jasmine and also TravisCI for my build, you can check it out, the maintainability is low because I rushed the project and can refactor later, but i had to make sure I had lot of tests for almost every logic


    Good luck
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    ava! what an amazing test framework. so modern, so user friendly.

    the way it shows differences between expected and actual values is sublime.

    very fast also. if you run it on a shell via watch mode, it reruns when you save a file, but you can rerun them manually by typing r
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