You want to get employed but, you can't find a job or get hired because you don't have a degree and degree is a requirement to get employed.

So, you decide to go back to College and study Compsc but, you aren't allowed because of the messed up education system in your country.

So, you decide to study abroad but, you realize you are broke.

So, you become a freelancer but, unfortunately you find your self thinking hell is way better than this lol

So, this time you decide to quite and just return to your boring legal job.
But, then you can't stop thinking about coding and you just can't stop the excitement and the frustration you feel every time you hear people talk about code.

So, hope fully for the last time you decide to do Android dev and publish your own Apps and become an Entrepreneur even though you know it is hard and you might fail many times before you achieve success. You just went for it.

It what it is, just roll with. What other option do you have?! Lol

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    What about coding camps or courses. Might not tech you much but large companies eat them up because hr doesn't know any better.
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    @24th-Dragon haha, hopefully no hrs are here lol. But, sounds like a great idea. Though it is hard to come by on a good course which isn't too expensive. I am looking into few options like Udacity and Microverse.... I think they are financially feasible and their courses are not too bad.... I will be self-learning anyways so, what matters is the certificate lol
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