i can't stop laughing at this poor guy and i feel really bad about it

(for reference, Gambatte is #2 in accuracy, 3DS VC runs games like VBA 2007 does (read: literally *barely*) and GameYob is about 16-17% more accurate than VC, so... 45% or so?)

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    To the guy's credit, he did admit fault when corrected...
    (for being hostile about it, atl. Always happy to teach, and he was happy to learn.)
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    Actually, 3DS has a whole GBA's hardware embedded inside of it. GBA games are not even emulated. A side-effect of this is that sleep mode does not work while a GBA game is running.
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    Of course, that's different from the normal GB and GBC, which are lazily emulated.
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    also GameYob is fucking garbage on my N3DS lmao
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    @kescherRant i'm aware of all these facts lmao
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