University of Maastricht right now:

*Clop clop
Who's there?
Clop who?
*Clop ransomware!

(Klop (clop as pun in this context) is knock in Dutch)

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    Ah yes, the story of universities worldwide.

    Uni: come to us to learn about technology and science! We know best!
    Also uni: utterly fails at anything with technology
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    Not worldwide though.
    I went to TU Chemnitz and they know their shit.
    Eduroam is secured with per-app passwords and an ssl-cert.
    Eduroam-APs are separating devices into subnets, thus making port-scanning harder.
    User-auth is done with their own openid-server.
    Their entire infrastructure, including desktops, is linux based (windows only as VMs).
    They even host a gitlab server for the students.
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    @metamourge I mean mine has a private GitHub instance and similar things for eduroam, but nobody gets given the cert for it so you select "do not verify cert". It seems to me that there is a layer of incompetent people who try to do way too much over a layer of very highly competent people with too much to do.
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    Ahhh school security even the edu shit. Found lot of ways to get past it tbh. Not to mention that when you call there to get it fixed since im a good person well you get the usual. Thanks for telling us that. We will fix it as soon as possible. Sureeeeeeee you will. 2 years. 10 calls and emails and still exists.
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    Oh, Maastricht now, too? The university in Giessen, Germany has been offline pretty much entirely for a few weeks now.
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