Merry Christmas everyone.

I passed this day alone, in another country, away from family, friends and without anyone to hang out with.
On top of that my gf (she lives in my country) posted a video dancing with her ex.

So, enjoy your time with your family and friends, even they're not perfect they love you and care about you.
I m kinda sad right now, but I will fight this. I m gonna be alone and when the year change so i believe its time to strengthen my character.

Happy holidays boys n girls. 🙂

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    Merry Christmas! I've many of those myself... hang tough!
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    Merry Christmas and good luck
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    Mappy christmas and best wishes for new year. I hope it’d be better than this year. Don’t feel alone because we are al together as a loneliness developers 😊
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    $ sudo userdel current_girlfriend
    $ sudo rm -rfv /home/current_girlfriend
    $ history -c
    $ sudo reboot

    Dump the girlfriend, get yourself new girlfriend and start the decennium new!
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