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    Is this intellij ide for ios development?
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    Close!!!! The IDE is Android Studio and the language is Flutter/Dart! You can emulate Android with the AVD manager and also iOS using the xcode iOS module, which runs in the device simulator.
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    Code once, breah!
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    @klutch are you running this on a Mac? If not can you explain how to set up android studio to emulate iOS devices?
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    @ElCapitan Yes!
    If you want to run any kind of iOS simulator, you will need a Mac. I just recently picked up a new Macbook Air (last years model) with an SSD and I'll never go back to a PC again. You can develop for all platforms, run simulators for Android, iOS, and even windows with it. You can run MacOS, Windows, AND Linux only with a Mac. You can't get all 3 anywhere else! After developing with PC's for a while, I finally made the jump and it was the best decision I ever made. Plus, with Mac you can get Xcode on top of every other IDE/text editor other platforms offer. If you don't have a Mac, you can still write Swift/Obj-C/Flutter code but to test it you have to use an online simulator or install your app on a physical apple device just to test it.
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    @ElCapitan If you have any other questions, I'm happy to help! My strongest advice though- get yourself a Mac, even if its a couple years old and/or used if a new one isn't an option. You'll make your money back so fast and wonder why it didn't happen sooner!
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    @ElCapitan last thing...
    When you do, just make sure it has at least 8gb RAM, an i5 processor, and 128gb SSD minimum. For file storage, run an external drive. Apple hardware operates differently than PC's!
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    @klutch First of all thanks for the reply. I really would want to buy a Macbook but I decided against it a few days ago and bought myself a surface from Microsoft because it was a lot cheaper and you can write and draw on it thanks to its Touch support and the surface pen. I bought it mainly for university so the note taking by hand actually was pretty important to me (after all iOS deployment just was a bonus to me for using flutter and I didn't plan to keep writing iOS apps in near future so actually it's not that important to me [after all development for Android isn't made that hard and expensive for developers and you have way more possibilities, options and device access so, if anything, I'm probably continuing development for Android.]).

    Comment is to long so I will continue in the next...
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    ... Also I already found some online build tools for flutter like Codemagic and successfully completed a build there but I fail at sideloading the app on my iPad, probably because it isn't signed and I don't have a developer account or a key. Do you by chance know of a way how to install a build on my physical device without paying 100$ for a developer account so that I can test around a bit before deciding if I even want to release for ios if it isn't possible to use an emulator without a Mac? If not I might have to buy a cheap used Mac later on to continue working on iOS but that's a thing for the future.
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    App Brewery course xD Nice! I'm also taking it too
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