What do you guys do to pull yourself out of a rut when you hit a wall in a project?
I'm developing a large scale enterprise level application in flutter/dart by myself and reached a really weird point where there are so many things to be done I can't pick which one. I've spent the last few days on authentication and logic so I think I need to tackle something else for a bit... any insight would rule, I've never had other developers to talk to about this stuff before!

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    Stop programming on the project for a second and try to have a bird view of the project.

    Try to answer the following question:
    Which functionality/functionalities do I want to ship as my first product? (Search online for the term 'Minimum Viable Product')

    When you have an global idea of the lifecycle and releases of your product, start with a MoSCoW planning for the first release/MVP.
    This planning will help you with prioritising your work.

    Another thing to keep in mind with personal projects is to always make sure you keep your goals small and in short time achievable. This will help you to stay interested in the project.
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    is this a mobile app? If yes then Your first mistake was choosing flutter and dart. Why reinvent the wheel? Focus on either android or ios and build the app with native tools. Now it seems that you are biting more than you can chew
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    Actually quite the opposite!
    You ever built any cross platform apps using Java and Swift? Why code it multiple times and put twice the work in?
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    @Hitman thanks so much!
    Excellent input!
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