Build a global, fast maps/tile hosting "platform".

Already working on this like mad and with a little bit of luck, I'll have a first version ready within a week.

Also learning Rust, becoming even better at/with Linux....

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    Is this to replace open street map or is this meant to be more generic than that? If you need infrastructure or testing coverage let me know. That’s not a project I would do but I would help out with infrastructure stuff
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    @FrodoSwaggins Not to replace, just to not be dependent on openstreetmap or commercial services :)

    What do you mean with coverage exactly?
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    @linuxxx I think I would have fun just writing test cases and managing infrastructure for something like that. That’s not usually how I feel but for this project that’s a contribution that makes sense for me
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    @FrodoSwaggins Ah fair enough! What kind of infrastructure could you offer/contribute?

    (I'll send you an email in the morning about this)
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    @linuxxx will discuss in email
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    We are planning that (and more) too. Check out https://www.mapdiscover.org/ . Currently in the beginning phase. We are trying to get a usable alternative to GMaps with OSM and OpenData as underlying data.
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    Too old to edit therefore:

    If you are interested feel free to contact us over e.g. Telegram (see Website)
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    @hypervtechnics I think I'm trying to build something different (solely the hosted tiles and rendering the data) but it looks cool!
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    @linuxxx Maybe we can exchange some knowledge at some later time?
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    @hypervtechnics Sure! Always feel free to email me (linuxxx@tuta.io), I don't have many other channels of communication due to privacy reasons :)
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