Gonna use 2020

To get a better job (currently no job . You know why if you know me)

To be a vegetarian.

To make mom happy

To get rid of the internal burnings.

To see her again

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    Cool. But I'm curious about...
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    Feel free to mention me if you have questions regarding the vegetarian part, been vegetarian my entire life :)
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    @linuxxx Allright. How badly are you missing bacon? Jk.
    Whats your diet?
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    @sandeepbalan Never had meat haha.

    Most important is to just eat enough veggies, pasta/rice/potatoe'ish things and meat replacements (I often eat soy based stuff).

    I hardly watch my diet, to be honest 😄
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    @linuxxx What makes you change your mind ? from non veg to veg?
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    @sandeepbalan As said in me previous comment, I've always been a vegetarian but for me its mainly that the thought of having a piece of dead animal in my mouth seems fucking gross.
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    @linuxxx Ya. I noticed that. Maybe its inherited from your parents. Sometimes i do get that 'dead animal' vibe. So its like for the past 5 years i have been only using chiciken,fish and egg for the non veg diet. Never had pork. had beef a few occasions before that.

    I am getting rid of chicken in january. Fish is like inevitable. I really need to find some interesting diet to replace it.

    I am searching on different types of salads
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    1 . Got the job

    2. Kind of vegetarian since january. only eat fish.

    3. Mom seems happy with some health issues.

    4. Some scars are still there as an aftereffect of burnings.

    5. Accidently talked again.
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