Honest question.
Developers that don't work for a company and that don't use freelancing platforms but are successful, you're making good money, how do you guys do it? What advice would you give me, I really just started out as a developer a few years ago and I can say I'm still struggling but have high hopes for the future. Any advice is okay.

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    You're talking about those devs that are famous and worked for Google or sth similar?
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    @sebach1 does every successful dev have to fit this description?
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    @soapmactervish absolutely not. I'm thinking about how anyone can be wanted by a company without being known.
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    honestly? it is a combination of luck, charisma(social skills) and area knowledge (in whatever you do).

    Back at home I managed to build a reputation with a particular industry sector when it came to mobile(which I hate) and web development. I know how to talk to people and be likeable, from the secretaries that take my calls when I look for clients to the different management levels. Being quirky and weird does not really account for "oh he must be like that cuz he is a genius!" in real life, people are more willing to work with you and listen to you by following what I call the law of the bar. As in "is this a dude I would like to sit with at a bar and have a drink with?" and thus far it has worked well. Of course, having the skills to back everything up makes a big difference, they might like you, but business is business and at the end of the day it matters how good you are. Get out there and get em bro!
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