So my 2020 started by eating a curb at 01:30 am while biking home drunk.
No bad injuries.

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    If we get to see a TV thingy next year for drunk biking, I'm going to blame you
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    I live on my bike. I doubt I've ever rodden sober. Glad you're OK. Keep going...
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    My 2020 started with a fight with a couple of commies
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    @Tayo Ohhh man, do tell. We've got loads of this dumb shit here in BG.
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    @intromatt well some antifa guys came to Shibuya square, and started to spray paint the Japanese flag and making a ruckus just after new years.
    Needless to say, I went up to them to discuss politics, and they didn't like my capitalistic ideas at all, so there's that.
    One thing leads to another, and there we go. I'm actually amazed police didn't step in to break it up tbh. Glad they didn't because I would've probably been in quite a bit of trouble.
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    @Tayo Your post gives me the jimmes. Sorry you had this experience.
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