Just explain me how to get over the fear on programming...I got a lot of resources but i too feared on programming while seeing the question???

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    There's nothing to fear about. It is common for Humans to fear something they don't understand. So, face that fear, try to understand it, solve the problems, write programs, rewrite programs, and practice a lot. Then you'd realize how silly you were in the beginning
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    @asgs thanks bro 🤗. It's lot better to hear from you.
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    Sometimes I fail 10 times until I get the app to do what I want it to do. In the end result is most important, dont feel bad if you make mistakes learn from them.
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    @zemaitis thanks for the kind words😍
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    Want the hard hitting truth, you will always be afraid trying something new. Best remedy is just dive, take a leap of faith. If you actually love it you won't care about mistakes and new stuff. Also do not I repeat DO NOT compare yourself to others this was what is still holding me down, just focus on yourself and eventually you'll get it. Be brave dude you got this shit.
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    @OmarHandouk thanks bruh!
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