How different should two different technologies be to consider putting both on your resume?

Like is it okay to put both CSS and Sass (https://sass-lang.com/dart-sass) or are they too similar to reasonably do so, what about javascript and 'Google App Script'

How do you determine if it's worth being on your resume orif you should only have the more known one on the resume unless the job requirements advertise the other?

And at what point do you 'know' enough to put it on your resume if i should? At what point can I say I 'know' sass or google script enough to advertise myself with it?

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    Had the same questions when i started looking for a job. Ended up writing down the technologies im most comfortable working with that are relevant to the position. Now i only put those for which i have working experience.
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    Think about the last one to five projects you were involved in. What technologies did you use in them? Not what technologies were used in them, but which one _you_ used.
    List them up on paper.
    Do you know any technologies that weren't used in these projects? - Add them to the list.
    How many did you got?
    Now, underline each of the technologies you really liked and would like to work with in the future.
    Take a pencil and cross out every one of the technologies you didn't like and which you hope are never going to touch them again.

    Now, on the resume - add short description of the projects and involved tech.
    If you want you can try to divide tech you "know" into levels - very comfortable with/comfortable with/used sporadically/learning.
    It says more to know which ones you like using than to get some "familiarity percentage", especially with vast languages and frameworks.
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