WTF with Uber Eats. Finally I had some amount left in my salary. I ordered food via Uber eats and they charged me. After sometime they restaurant not accepted my order and cancelled it. I paid for and I don't have an extra money for ordering. The repayment says it will repay in after 7 days. After Contacting customer care number, it is only priority for the ordered customers only. I'm starving now...Fuck this morning and Uber eats. Any devs from that shitty company take care of that flaw...they are taking this as a fucky business...
What a flaw...taking is faster and repayment takes 7 days...
Seriously out of my mind....fuck...fuck....

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    But in 7 days you can eat again, right? 🤣
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    Not their fault. Most credit card processors (Stripe etc) are issuing refunds 3 to 7 business days later.
    When I canceled my order on Microsoft Store, it took 14 days !

    Even in our small company, if we need to refund a credit card, even if we “click” on “refund” immediately it will take up to 5 days.

    It’s horrible experience, I agree with you. But until credit card processors/banks don’t care, nothing will change.
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    Even worse with Uber. Used it only once during a trip in Boston. I had to install the app only for this one use. Last minute the driver decided to cancel the ride, so had to order anther one. A few days after my complaint I got reimbursed on my account, never in the credit card. So I lost the money. Next time I tried to use the app in Europe, the credit was not in my account, which had a balance of zero. Fuck Uber.
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    @NoToJavaScript void it. It shows off (back on) to the customers balance normally within 24 hours.
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    @embeddedmaikel it is sad to hear that bro
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    Guys, I am coming to the point.. Is there any repayment system...That can refund our failed money as soon as possible???
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    @manikandanm void it if not settled (ie. same day)
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