Things that piss me the fuck off about user programs(in this case text editors):

No fucking documentation or signs of it available, a promise from like 3 years ago to post: tutorials/actual docs and yet unfulfilled shit. Yet the author sells the editor, you can get a free version of it, but the extension api is only given in the paid version. It's like $12 bucks, which depending on where you are from is really the cost of a meal.

The editor in question is 4coder, seems like a good stack for building C/C++ based applications with a lot of cool utilities underneath, I see dudes using it to create a lot of cool shit online, but things like moving input, stopping the thing from formatting pasted code etc etc. Shit, even reaching the documentation is fucky, you get the names of the commands......ok...awesome...wtf do I do with these? Why do i need to watch a 20+ minute tutorial from the developer instead of being able to read a retarded ass tutorial regarding how to do the most basic shit? For an editor that is set to replace Emacs and Vim for developers inside of a windows platform....it sure is lacking AF in that regards.

I really want to work with this thing because it seems to be made with a lot of heart, just can't stand the fact that the documentation is lacking like a motherfucker

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    Meanwhile, I just use Notepad++ and even have donated 50 EUR - just because.
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    @Fast-Nop Notepad++ is a great text editor man, have it installed as well and I have nothing bad to say about it. Really wanted to give this editor and support the owner as well, but the dude needs some serious help with the documentation.
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    >>> set to replace Emacs and Vim

    In your dreams, regardless of which side you swing with.
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    @SomeNone that was as in: that is what the author of the software wants.

    Not what I want, or care for that matter. But thanks for the input.
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