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    If you are going back in time, go to day 1 of your learning, in that way, you can learn c++, physics, biochemistry and time travel in a minute
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    Then the question becomes. If you kill your younger self would you cease to exist or not?
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    @Rud156 Depends on the type of time travel.

    Are we learning C++ inside of a forking multiverse? In that case, murder away (is it homicide or suicide?), your previous self is a parallel-self... or rather, you are one of an infinite parallel selves which will has had (wait, that's not the right tense?) succesfully eliminated one of your infinite parallel selves.

    Are we learning C++ inside of a closed timeloop curve universe where the Novikov self-consistency principle is true? The premise of the plot in the comic is both time travel and age-reversing, so murder away. You are able to murder yourself because you are identical to your past self and replace yourself, after which you are stuck in an infinite loop of identical actions, repetitively reading bloodstained C++ books with zero free will.

    There are basically three options: Time travel is impossible, there are parallel universes and time travel is like Git branches, or everything is predetermined like clockwork.
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    @Rud156 endgame told us that yeah we can, so no further discussions xD
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