Is there a way to stop all these code formatting arguments ince for all? For example, a github /ide plugin reformats your code to your preference when you work on/review but in the end, it is stored in some specific format.

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    You mean like prettier?

    People don't use them.
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    @nitwhiz thanks i will check it(probably wont use)
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    I am looking at sonething that will allow local code format and storage/remote code format. For example there is project code format but i want to read/write my code with a different format on my dev computer. So I want automated formatting and reformatting, not just formatting on save, as prettier seems to do.
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    Hmm, so you want the "global" code to be formatted in some standard, so everyone that pulls it see the standard version, but localy each dev can write in their own (and continue see their own) formatting way?

    Or even translating some kind or universal format to every devs settings locally while maintaining the universal version in repo?
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    @Hazarth exactly. I also suggest global code should be able to be formatted before viewing on the we site, such as Github, gitlab without affecting how it is stored on repository.
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    @aviophile honestly? That's not the worst idea I ever heard... It might even work. Im not sure how well would it play with diff-ing for code merging... But its possible that there would be no problems in the global form... This can probably even be done simply on client side using a plugin for IDEs that only exposes the user defined formatting, but secretly pushes the global form. And additionally similar plugins for gitlab and other vcs systems... Yeah... I think you might be up to something.
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    @Hazarth too lazy to implement though 😂
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