How good is the world of java advanced for a career these days? I learned java basics (collections,OOP, syntaxes, threads, a little bit of spring,etc) aka core java in college and then went straight to Android dev.

I am thinking of learning about the contents of java ee and me or whatever "advanced" java is. How tough is it? What is the career in it? How good is the possibility of getting a fresher job in it?

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    Depends on job market in your area. Check job postings. Android and java ee with its enviroments are main applications of java. Toptal, for ex, is looking for android devs, and it seems to me that that market has brighter future as java ee is strongly contested with .net.
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    Forget Java ME. Java SE/EE are good to learn and there are enough Java opportunities throughout the world. Still, check if your country or city has such openings
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