I'll be working on my dissertation soon on PWAs. My concern is that the literature on the functionality of PWAs is mostly website based. Surely this shouldn't be an issue but we've been hounded at for using websites as sources.


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    Go to the Wikipedia page and look at the references looks like some interesting stuff! Not all websites
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    You could save the source websites to your local computer and include that as attachment. This way, it would be clear even 5 years from now what which source has been saying.
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    @enron456 a lot of actual information on that topic is website based on Wikipedia, I've checked.
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    @odite check Google scholar, just searched on there and found some stuff on there, stuff from IEEE and from web conferences. Hopefully it helps!
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    @enron456 already done, collected all that's relevant to the project yet most of the real info that's relatable is found on sites. I appreciate the effort though.
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