It was simple Tuesday morning, got to work, turned on laptop. And hell began. First call, my co worker asked me to come. Got shouted, why I bought this peace of shit printer. Why it's printing slow. Asked to bring back old one because it's faster. But before I switched printers. I got strange and funny question, "why paper comes out hotter from this printer and not from older one ", I became speechless, and left her without answer. Ok I changed printer. Went to take tea break(hate coffee). Got asked by same women to bring original power cord that was with printer, because that one connected somehow slowed printing speed. The fuck? Too hot paper, now power cord? Why? How? That was stupidest things I ever heard.
P.S Slow printing problem was with her computer, bad drivers, something wrong with computer or OS. Anyway I need to change her computer pretty soon anyway.

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    Laser printers are much faster than ink. Next time she complains and dosent learn you should shove that old printer inside her ass.
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    @Gregozor2121 ink printer is still better than old, loud needle printer. To clarify what printer she is comparing: old one = HP m602, new one = Thrumph Adler p-4531 dn.
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    Actually got shouted at? Who does that?
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    @Demolishun Yes. I guess hysterical woman. Anyway I get it why she was like that. She had to print about 12k invoices in 2 days.
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    @nonsleep1 how about connecting both in parallel, so she thinks it doubles her output?
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    @mintchase I suggested that idea, but somehow she thinks it's not good solution. At this point I lost faith in her to ask why.
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    Well, if your own tech fails you can farm out the printing to a local print shop. Office printers may not be designed to handle that kind of abuse.
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    @Demolishun Laser printers are designed for huge batches. That is why photocopiers use laser not ink (i know that they used laser way back before they had cameras but... still)
    Ink is ready to go always but only if you can print every now and again (nozzles and ink drying off in them...)

    I have a felling that they (industry) had been prefering dot matrix over ink too because of robustness but i need additional data to prove it.
    But it makes sense imo, ink is cheap shit and for high loads, low maintenance dot matrix and lasers are the best.

    To conclude: i dont see any problem using laser or dot matrix in a office when we talk about robustness, but that ink one might break soon (but some ink printer build back then were tanks! I still use my brother dcp 150c!
    (not sure about the model,might check tommorow))
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    @Gregozor2121 I just searched for a laser printer of any type and grabbed its datasheet:


    The monthly recommended sheet volume is 4000 pages/month. I am sure there are higher end printers out there though that do more. I first noticed this spec on a dot matrix we bought lately.
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